Direct Second Year Diploma

Direct admission to the Second Year of Post SSC full Time Diploma Courses.
The 20% seats of the sanctioned intake are available as over and above the sanctioned intake in all the institutes in state for direct admission to the Second Year of Post SSC full Time Diploma Courses. The required educational qualification for the additional seats is either H.S.C. Science / H.S.C. (Science with Vocational/ Technical) subjects OR MCVC, 10+2 years I.T.I. with center of excellence course. Eligibility of the student for the specific branches of diploma programmes shall be as per MSBTE guidelines. Any vacant seats available in second year / third semester of post S.S.C diploma programme may be filled by the students acquiring either H.S.C. Science / H.S.C. (Science with Vocational) of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education at the end of admission process.
Passed H.S.C. Science, with Vocational Subjects.
Technical/Vocational Subjects at H.S.C.
Eligible for Diploma Course in
Mechanical Maintenance – A2 Scooter & Motor Cycle Servicing – A3
Mechanical Engineering
General Civil Engineering – A4
Civil Engineering
Electronics – C2 Computer Science – D9
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering Computer Technology, Information Technology
H.S.C (Tech.) with Engineering Drawing &Workshop Technology
Computer Engineering, Computer Technology Information Technology, Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Eligible for Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering
ITI (CTS) Courses
1. Machinist Grinder
2. D’man Mech.
3. Fitter
4. Turner
5. Machinist
6. Tool & Die Maker (J & F)
7. Tool & Die Maker (M & D)
8. Mech. Machine Tool Maint./ Mechanic Millwright Maint.
9. Marine Fitter
10. Mechanic Ref. & Air Conditioning
11. Lift Mechanic
12. Operator Adv. Machine Tool
13. Mechanic Mechatronics
14. Mechanic Motor Vehicle
Eligible for Diploma Course in Civil Engineering
ITI (CTS) Courses
1. D’man Civil
2. Surveyor
3. Architectural D’man (SCVT)
MCVC Course
1. Building Maintenance (J7/J8/J9)
Eligible for Diploma Course in Computer Engineering
ITI (CTS) Courses
1. Mech. Computer Hardware
2. Info. Tech. & Electronics System Maintenance
MCVC Course
1. Computer Techniques (X1/X2/X3)
2. Multimedia Internet Technology
Eligible for Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering
ITI (CTS) Courses
1. Electrician
2. Lift Mechanic
MCVC Course
1. Maintenance & Repairing of Domestic Appliances (J4/J5/J6)
2. Repairing & Rewinding of Electric Motor (T1/T2/T3)
Eligible for Diploma Course in Chemical Engineering
ITI (CTS) Courses
1. Instrument Mechanic (Chem. Plant)
2. Attendant Operator (Chem. Plant)
3. Maint. Mechanic (Chem. Plant)
4. Electroplater
4. Lab. Asst. (Chem. Plant)
MCVC Course
Not Applicable
Note :

Compulsory I.T.I. Trade and CTS Trade should be of 2 Years.
One Year ATS and One Year CTS will not be eligible for direct admission to the Second Year.