Governing Body

Shri. Ashok Anant Dalvi

Shri. Ashok Anant Dalvi, who is trustee and Hon. Secretary of the Dalvi Educational & Charitable Trust and Director for the Maharashtra Polytechnic , is the person who has laid the foundation of stringent quality control for the school. He is a perfectionist who is not prepared to accept any compromise on the quality of education at Maharashtra Polytechnic. He is the visionary who has spared no expenses in providing for the state of art infrastructure to the school and has set very high goals for the school to achieve.Under his stewardship, the institution has grown manifold and thanks to his contribution, it has become a virtual bell-wisher to the academic fraternity.

Shri. Shivaji Lahu Surve

Shri. Shivaji Lahu Surve, who is the trustee for the Maharashtra Polytechnic and Member of Governing Body for this institution, is a personal from humble beginnings, he went on to become a towering personality. Today, his passion and zeal to excel and succeed are the very traits which he is fond of insisting in every student of this institution. He is a beacon of enlightenment to all the students and his vast experience and knowledge is an asset to the institution. Ever since this institution was established, he has been striving sincerely to take the institution to the highest levels of excellence.

Smt. Akshaya Ajay Dalvi

Smt. Akshaya Ajay Dalvi, who is the Director for the Maharashtra Polytechnic and Member of Governing Body for this institution is a Person for whom education at every level is a passion. She has a strong belief in the potential for human growth. Her mission is to mould a generation of individuals who are not only well educated, but are complete human beings with a strong national & social conscience, who are self confident and mature and have a balanced look to life. She believes that it is the responsibility of the present generation to create the leaders for tomorrow and if we can instill the right values & empower them with leadership qualities, these individuals will be the pride of our nation and assets to society at large.

Smt. Meghna Sagar Mahamunkar

Smt. Meghna Sagar Mahamunkar, is presently trustee and Hon. Secretary of the Dalvi Educational & Charitable Trust. She has been a pillar of strength and instrumental in conducting various workshops on classroom teaching techniques, evaluation methodology etc. A multi-faceted personality, she brings with her a diverse experience of Biological Science and experience in Quality Management in the Corporate Sector.